QAL’s impeccable supply chain strategies unite the physical flow of the project with talent, information and finance.

Modern Manufacturing

We develop new synergies, relate more fully to our customers and rapidly reach new markets. We control overtures by working our advanced supply base through consignment programs.  We utilize Kanban solutions – aligning buys to estimated annual use, forecast and blanket orders.

Supplier Rating

Accuracy and timing are vital components in the manufacturing business. We exclusively work with the most reliable suppliers. This ensures your finished product is delivered to you specifications on time. We use a supplier scorecard system to continually evaluate the supplier’s quality, cost, timeliness and delivery rate.

Like you, we will tolerate nothing less than perfection

We offer maximum transparency by providing the evaluations and results of our shipment inspections to our customers. This allows our customers complete control over the components used to build their products.

Consignment Inventory Management

Our Consignment Inventory Management strategy allows us to manage the usage of a product at your location. This reduces the inventory carrying cost and defers payment for liabilities until the product is consumed. QAL will tailor-make a program based on your specific needs. Our knowledge and expertise of supply chain management ensures a higher level of fulfillment.  We implement this strategy across the board to ensure on-time delivery, eliminate risks and maintain tight inventory control.

Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC

QAL is an industry leader in lean manufacturing and modular assembly solutions.
We have earned a reputation of diversity, dependability and quality at a competitive price.

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