Quality Policy

Our Commitment to Quality

One of the most important parts of our commitment to quality is our strict attention to our own Quality Policy.

Our Promise

The Quality Policy is as much a promise to our customers as it is an expectation of ours. It serves to continuously reinforce our expected daily goals and the highest standards our customers have come to expect. Our Quality Policy is proudly displayed throughout our facility. We take it very seriously. We see it as a promise to our customers and ourselves.

Our Quality Policy is the compass that guides our continuous improvement efforts. QAL is a leader of quality in the manufacturing industry. We utilize a process-based quality management system to maximize efficiency, reduce lead-time and ensure regulatory compliance.


Quality Assembly & Logistics is committed to continuous improvement to ensure that every product is safe, legal and compliant with all regulatory and customer requirements.

Quality Assembly & Logistics will achieve this by administering a quality management system with:

  • Knowledge of quality processes and appropriate actions
  • Retention and management of resources
  • Identification and management of quality objectives
  • Management review
  • Management of risk

All metrics will be used as a measurement of success, effectiveness and opportunities for improvement.

Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC

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