Cross-training X3

Key to our flexibility and quick response is our employee cross-training model.

Extensive Team Training

In order to maintain our continuous pursuit of quality, our employees are cross-trained to have the expertise to work in three different areas. They can perform a variety of skills for any customer.  Our comprehensive orientation process mandates extensive training for each new employee. Having the skill set of three areas is a win for QAL and also, our customer.

“We will promote the awareness of and ensure the compliance to regulatory and customer requirements throughout the organization”


We set goals so we are at the forefront of manufacturing trends.  QAL sets the benchmark. By providing the required training, along with our detailed work instructions, we can insure consistent quality at each step in the assembly process.

We utilize our knowledge of manufacturing to implement big business manufacturing solutions that maximize customer relationships and communication solutions.

The QAL team will analyze, design and provide solutions to simplify and consolidate daily operations, saving our customers time and money.

Quality Assembly & Logistics, LLC

QAL is an industry leader in lean manufacturing and modular assembly solutions.
We have earned a reputation of diversity, dependability and quality at a competitive price.

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