We strongly believe excellent customer service and customer communication is essential.

Building solid relationships

Regularly scheduled conference calls and direct interaction between strategic business levels with our customers is the key to building solid relationships and trust. The calls are an opportunity for our customer-focused teams to offer schedule updates and progress reports, allowing our customers to express concerns and satisfaction throughout the project.

What QAL’s satisfied customers have to say

“As you know, the repair assets that you manage for [us] are highly valuable, and it is critical that we continue our teamwork towards asset tracking and minimizing loss. The joint work executed throughout the year between your team and [ours] has resulted in the most successful physical inventory yet. You continue to demonstrate control of [our] processes as well as your communication and open relationship with us has paid off in outstanding results. For this we THANK YOU.” – GE Medical

“Acknowledgments and promises of Purchase Orders are completed faster than all other suppliers”– Siemens Medical

“Agendas that QAL does are very helpful as we do not have to follow up as we do with other suppliers”– Siemens Medical

“QAL has the highest Customer Satisfaction Score for “excellent follow up and proactive approach.”-GE Medical

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