Point of Use Inventory System

Maximizing efficiency, reducing waste, and providing instant feedback are important components of QAL’s success.


We manage a Point of Use Inventory system to control the supply chain from a production point of view, which improves and maintains a high level of production.

We use the following methods to achieve – Just In Time Delivery without overloading the team:

Kanban – which means “visual card” in Japanese – is our internal system of visually triggering actions in regard to our inventory levels.   Inventory cards are used to associate the production of components with the demand for those items. This results in a cost-competitive process and price for not only QAL but also our customers.

Lean Transformation

In our experience, having a flexible business model tends to attract more business.

The floor plan for our facility is designed utilizing lean transformation planning. With employees extensively trained in continuous improvement and an active CI team, we have implemented lean concepts throughout our facility. This provides many benefits to our customers as well as our employees.

Benefits of a Lean transformation manufacturing floor include:

  • The ability to adapt our operations in response to current market demands
  • A reduction in both manufacturing time and cost
  • An expedited process that allows finished product to enter the market faster
  • Custom production to fit the specific needs of customers

In addition to a Lean manufacturing floor, we apply the same waste reduction techniques to our administration processes and customer support efforts. Always with the customer as the primary focus to provide the best service in the most efficient manner.

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